See What People Are Saying About Brian’s New Show On the Food Network, “what Would Brian Boitano make?”

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Boitano receives high marks for delicious dishes
June/July 2012
By Amy Rosewater

It’s a fairly frequent occurrence for someone to see Brian Boitano and recognize him as the Olympic gold medalist figure skater that he is…

A Champion on the Ice and Off: An Exclusive Interview with Brian Boitano

Few athletes have enjoyed the artistic success that figure skater Brian Boitano has achieved since winning the gold medal for the United States at the 1988 Winter Olympics Games in Calgary, Canada. Brian, a three-time Olympian, has won more than 50 titles and the hearts of Americans…

Zimbio Interview: Brian Boitano

Brian Boitano is a presenter at the Tasty Awards, an award show honoring outstanding food and fashion-related television programming. Why Brian Boitano? Well, why not? We thought it would be a good enough excuse to speak with the legendary ice skater. When I reached him, via phone, he was in Sioux City, Iowa…

Fantasy Holiday

We asked six Bay Area culinary personalities to tell us about their ultimate fantasy Thanksgiving dinner. They each answered the following questions:

1. Who would you invite?
2. Who would prepare the meal?
3. What would be on the menu?
4. How would you decorate?
5. Where would this grand meal take place?

Ask the Expert: What Would Brian Boitano Eat at the Rink?

I am not a nutritionist, so I would like to leave that to the experts, and I certainly was not a model for good eating when I came up the ranks. I wish I had known a nutritionist when I was younger who understood every aspect of the demands of skating…

“Bacon, Booze & Brian Boitano.”

You know that universally depressing feeling of being in a bar when all-of-the-sudden, the music stops, the lights flick on, and you realize your time is up?

Well, a similar scene played itself out a few weekends ago at Pop’s Bar on 24th Street in San Francisco, only it happened a few hours before it should have, around 11:45 p.m.

“Shooting the Breeze with Brian Boitano”

It’s 8:00a, and there is a Food Network crew setting up a photo shoot in (Olympic ice skater) Brian Boitano’s house, and he’s not home. What does Brian Boitano have to do with Food Network? Well, as it turns out, not only is Brian Boitano an Olympic athlete, he’s also an outstanding home cook and an entertainer extraordinaire…

SFist Interviews: Brian Boitano

Before now, the closest figure skating and cuisine had come together was when the blade of a skate served as a makeshift knife the 2000 Tom Hanks movie Castaway. Well, they’ve just got a little bit closer.

This month, figure skater Brian Boitano will star in his own cooking show on the Food Network. Boitano, who won a gold medal in figure skating at the 1988 Calgary Olympics, is perhaps just as widely known for the song “What Would Brian Boitano Do?”.

What would Brian Boitano do if he wanted to fuse his skating celebrity with his love of food?

What would Brian Boitano do if he wanted to fuse his skating celebrity with his love of food?

He’d pitch a cooking show to Food Network executives, dazzle them with his wit and culinary skills and introduce audiences to a comic side rarely seen on the ice.

‘Top Chef: Las Vegas’ and ‘What Would Brian Boitano Make?’

It’s a funny thing about food, which only does its job when it’s in your mouth, that we derive so much pleasure from watching it on television. “That looks good,” we say. But we don’t really know. We could be wrong…

U.S. skating champ Boitano serves up cooking show

Boitano still doesn’t own a restaurant, but thousands will watch him cook in his forthcoming television show, “What Would Brian Boitano Make?” later this month.

“Still to this day, people think I have a restaurant. I never opened it because of my touring and skating schedules over the years have been tough to deal with,” he said…

So what exactly would Brian Boitano make?

The voiceover announcer proclaims, “Olympic champion Brian Boitano has been training for a new gig!” After Kristi Yamaguchi put her competition to shame on Dancing with the Stars a few seasons ago, one would think that Boitano might head to the same path.

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Olympic Champ Brian Boitano Saves the World, One Meal at a Time

“When Brian Boitano traveled through time to the year 3010/He fought the evil robot king and saved the human race again.”

Olympic and World figure skating champion Brian Boitano can perform physically incredible and gravity-defying feats, from flying rescues of maidens in distress to building the pyramids of Kubla Khan….

Skater Brian Boitano is now a TV chef.

The figure skater’s arena — a sun-streamed kitchen in Santa Monica — couldn’t be further from a chilly ice rink, and his lace-up skates have been replaced by a pair of white Nike kicks. Even so, the guy still finds a way to work a blade…

‘What Would Brian Boitano Make?’

Brian Boitano is renowned for his 1988 Olympic gold medal in figure skating and infamous for a song from 1999′s “South Park” movie. But now the professional skater is working a different arena — the cooking show.

Brian Boitano is renowned for his 1988 Olympic gold medal in figure skating and infamous for a song from 1999′s “South Park” movie.

Skater Boitano figures new routine for Food Network

PASADENA, Calif. — There is so much that’s not-the-usual about Food Network’s new series “What Would Brian Boitano Make?” but let’s start with the title.

This half-hour show, premiering at 1 p.m. today, is named after the song “What Would Brian Boitano Do?” from the 1999 “South Park” movie…

BASHOF: Five who made the region proud

Over three decades, the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame has enshrined 135 local athletes and coaches while raising nearly $4 million for youth sports organizations.

Until last year, though, one very small group was ineligible in the balloting by local sportswriters and broadcasters: team owners.

‘What Would Brian Boitano Make?’

It’s not New Year’s Day without a Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular. This year’s, which airs at 4 p.m. ET today on NBC, features the ’88 Olympic gold medalist and current host of the Food Network’s What Would Brian Boitano Make?

performing — along with Michael Weiss, Yuka Sato, Kimmie Meissner…

Skater Brian Boitano Turned TV Chef

Q I recently watched the new Food Network show What Would Brian Boitano Make? Does Brian really know how to cook?–name withheld, Des Moines, Iowa