“What most people did not know about me until this last couple of years was that I love to cook.”

“While it is unusual to connect the two, for me, cooking and skating have a lot of things in common. Figure skating is creative and takes a lot of practice, just like cooking. There are so many layers to both.”

My Cooking Inspiration
“I started exploring different foods and teaching myself to cook during my Olympic career when I was in my mid-20′s. Touring the globe from competition to competition let me try foods I would’ve never known about before, and I also discovered how much I like to cook.”

“Now I take every opportunity possible to sample new foods, try out new combinations in the kitchen and put those combos to the test by feeding them to my friends and family. And that self-taught cooking is what led to my Food Network show What Would Brian Boitano Make?

What Would Brian Boitano Make?
The first episodes showcase Brian’s cooking endeavors, sharing tips and tricks in the kitchen as he prepares meals for various people in his life. Each episode features different appetizers, main dishes and cocktails created especially for guests and the occasion.

In the first season of WWBBM, Brian threw a match-making soiree for his single friend Tony and 15 eligible bachelorettes. He served the group unique appetizers such as Polenta with Spicy Sausage and Red Pepper Relish along with the perfect cocktails: Passion Fruit and Mango Mar-Tony’s.

Every recipe can be made by cooks of any skill level, no matter how complicated the name may sound. Try serving a batch of Brian’s Tartufos for dessert at your next dinner party or his crab and avocado crostini as an appetizer. It will seem to your guests that it is a lot of work, but it’s so easy and it’s impressive!

“So, what are we doing talking? You gots ta get your cook on!”

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