Q&A with Brian Boitano

Ask Brian Questions About Cooking, Skating, Performing, or Upcoming Activities

Q: I was wondering where your love of cooking began?

A: I used to have dinner parties after the Olympics when I was home and not on tour. They were more like all my friends coming to the house every night to cook together. We would make different things and share recipes and drink great wines. I also cooked a lot with Sandra Bezic’s husband when I was up in Toronto doing choreography.

Q: What is your *dream* dinner? What would you eat and drink? Who would the guests be?

A: I think on a deserted beach… only the table with a long white linen cloth blowing in the wind…. eating an assortment of fresh fish simply prepared. I would start with a pasta or risotto. And for desert, chocolate cake with a warm ganache. Drinks starting with a gin martini on the rocks. Wine with dinner. Probably a nice buttery chardonnay. The guest would be all my closest friends and family.

Q: Are all of the recipes Brian does on his cooking show his own?

A: All of the recipes are my own.

Q: Who pays for the food that Brian cooks on his show and where does he buy it?

A: The production company pays for the food, which ultimately comes from Food Network. There is a staff of people who help me buy it fresh every day that we are shooting. Then the crew gets to eat it and whatever you see in the bowl on the set like the heaps of onions or peppers… they go to a church or food bank after we are done shooting… there is so much food around, its really unbelievable.

Q: I wanted to know if Brian will be coming to the New York area any time in the near future.

A: As a matter of fact, I’ll be coming to Atlantic City, in New Jersey December 11, 2010 for “A Tribute to the Golden Age of American Skating,” at the Boardwalk Hall. I’ll have more details posted here as soon as they are available. You can check my “Schedule” page for all of my upcoming performances or appearances. Thanks!

Q: I have been a fan of yours forever – but the thing that made you an icon in my life was that at the one moment that you had to be the very best you could be, you were successful. Of course, I’m talking about the Olympics. You had worked your whole life for that one moment. How did you do that? So many others have opportunities like that (not the Olympics, but auditions, exams, other major, life-changing things) and let their nerves or emotions get the best of them. What was it that gave you the strength to overcome your nerves and emotions and just put it all out there for the judges?

A: I practiced techniques for relaxation in performance for many years before my moment in the Olympics. It is a learned technique just like a tripe axel. That in combination of having a history of good performances which gave me a lot of confidence.

Q: What part(s) of Grand Canyon Suite did you use for your performance at Sun Valley 2009? “Sunrise”? Will we faraway fans ever be able to see that number in a show or on TV or YouTube? Also, Will you likely continue to perform once a year at Sun Valley for the foreseeable future?

A: I performed parts of both sunrise and sunset. I m not sure I will keep doing GCS for the next season. That depends on the shows that I do. I would like to continue doing sun valley but I think it will have to be later in the season. I did GCS in the sun valley outdoor 1998ish competition and believe that is on you tube.

Q: What is that music that goes with Waterfall and is there a version of the video and the music for sale?

A: I don’t quite know what that means…Waterfall is from the album “Symphony Sessions,” by David Foster. If you mean the other piece that I did on the glacier, that is from the movie “Silverado.”

Q: Do you miss getting to pick out your own music to skate to like you did before all the Disson shows which feature certain groups and singers?

A: I miss it so much. It also gave me an opportunity to really work on a piece until it was correct. So many times skaters will improve their performances of certain pieces as time goes on. That’s why you watch someone at the beginning of a tour and at the end and it is so much more in their body by the end.

Q: Can you sit back and watch figure skating on TV without being critical or announcing the next move? Do you groan if they fall or think, “I can do that… but better!”?

A: I get nervous and I do groan when they miss something. The funny thing is that If I am watching with friends, I usually know if the skater is going down by watching their takeoff so I will groan early and everyone asks me how I knew they were going to miss the jump. I am never announcing though and I don’t think I am critical. I really like watching great skating and skaters. I don’t like watching bad skating…

Q: I know this is odd, but I am just wondering about the little necklace he seems to be wearing everywhere lately. What is that little silver pendant thing?

A: It’s a buddha…not because I am Buddhist but because I like what Buddha stands for in so many ways…

Q: So many of us are fans of both you and Michelle Kwan. Nothing that would make us happier than to see you and Michelle skate together again!

A: Michelle and I are good friends and while we do not have any upcoming plans to skate together, I know Michelle recently headlined a sold-out performance in Los Angeles, skating with Una Kim.